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May 20, 2015

Why is Warranty Service Important for Air Conditioners?

There's a sublime sense of peace when you finally have your air conditioning system installed and running. You thank the installation technicians and feel dragged down by gravity and that cooling breeze puffing out of your vents. But before you collapse into a comfy chair with a pint of cold beer, it might be wise to handle the documentation that came with the system. Read the warranty information and file it away for the future, paying particular attention to the length of the coverage.

Your air conditioning system might just be the biggest home investment you ever make, at least until you gather the funds to pay for that cool room remodeling project you've been dreaming about for ages. Keep it safe along with proof of purchase, the name of the installer, and any contact info you can think of because the day may come when you're in need of a warranty service. This manufacturer contract gifts you with repair coverage. It's a pledge of service that guarantees your expensive equipment's functionality for a set period of time, usually 5 years. During those operational years, you'll have access to a factory-authorized repair agent and all the after sales support you need to maintain your peace of mind. Stop and think about that for a moment, because you need that level of protection when buying a system that's built from many moving parts, especially when the sum of those parts add up to a cash amount that emptied your bank account.

Depending on the warranty documentation, the service work could cover any amount of labour, but standard manufacturer contracts will cover any work undertaken by the service professional and any parts that need to be replaced. Additionally, it makes sense to employ the services of an installer who is affiliated with the brand of equipment being installed in your property. Why should a customer, you, take this action? Quite simply, if you're having a name brand system installed, you'll double your comfort by knowing the company is approved by the manufacturer as a warranty service agent. Then, if the worst should happen, the service technicians are dispatched with full knowledge of your issue. Who knows, maybe you'll even deal with the same installer and be able to keep the problem local. The advantage of this approach is a lean toward efficiency. Instead of some unknown brand and the need to call in a contractor from two towns over, you're interacting with the company that knows you and your system.

SubCool Air is professionally positioned as a leading after sales agency, keeping you cool when the system is first installed and just as comfortable when the equipment begins to fail. Remember, nothing lasts forever, and even the best quality assurance system, one instituted by a leading brand can slip up. We're there to repair that stuttering fan and leaking condenser coil thanks to your warranty service contract, a manufacturer provided service that accounts for those nasty breakdowns in recently installed air conditioning units.

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