December 4, 2014

What is the difference between wall hung splits and multi splits

Most people would say an air conditioning unit is just that and all are basically the same as their main function is to cool the air of a specific area. Even though they do have the same purpose they are not all alike as some systems can operate standing on the floor, others get installed via ducting or some have to be place on the wall where others replace your window. Then there is also those systems designed of one specific area where others can be set up to cover multiple rooms as well as the size of the areas concerned.

A normal split unit will therefore only cover one area / room providing just that space with the needed heat or cooling as desired. Whereas the multi-split unit can provide cooling or heating for up to nine rooms / areas depending on the split units size. These units are perfect for use in homes, offices, schools hospitals and basically any building type.

So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of these units!

Normal split units only cover one specific area for cooling but they are very cost effective and easy to install. It offers sufficient cooling to an area of an exact size however it does not work as good if the area is too ventilated or if the refrigerant piping is too long between the inside and outside units. These units can easily be accessed for repairs or cleaning of systems and regular checks. With multiple normal split units combined throughout a house of office building the control of all units will be dependent on the person who has access to the remote, this means that all the areas supplied with cooling from the unit will be the exact same temperature. These systems can however be installed separately to aid in budget restrictions as well as control. These are ideal for small rooms or spaces and not recommended for use in factories or buildings with big areas to cool.

A multi slip unit is also quite reasonably priced but offers one; the option to cool more than just a specific area plus all areas has their own remote controls. They are relatively easy to install although they are not well suited for rooms / areas that have a significant heat variables at play. Depending on the building and installation these units may be hard to reach sometimes for cleaning and maintenance purposes. These units allow different users to set their individual settings as desired thus each rooms temperature can be set different. These systems are also effective in large areas thus ideal for schools, hospitals and buildings that requires large spaces to be cooled.

Whichever unit you decide upon using will still deliver the needed cooling so you can work, live and enjoy life with ease. If you are in need of cooling systems contact a company that has the desired skills and years of experience. For quotes or service, installation or maintenance contact Sub Cooler Air today to find out which system will suit your needs best.

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