June 16, 2015

Why is Regular Maintenance a Must for Air Conditioning Units?

Air conditioners consume a substantial chunk of a building's electrical output, power that we grudgingly allot to the systems because they keep us cool when all around us is frying in the seasonal heat of spring and summer. If the handful of operational stages are working efficiently, then the energy used will remain manageable. This is true of everything in real world engineering, the parts of a mechanical system are susceptible to the ravages of time. While this aging effect result in hard to ignore breakdowns, it's more likely that the equipment will simply lose its ability to function efficiently and keep struggling onward without anyone being any the wiser.

The incorporation of a scheduled maintenance plan safeguards property owners against this eventuality. The planned maintenance strategy takes care of minor niggles before they develop into expensive breakdowns. It ensures a qualified engineer is visiting the air conditioner on a regular basis to inspect key components of the system for signs of wear. The upshot of this care program is to maintain those parts that age and fail, but, just as importantly, the strategy will ensure the system works efficiently at all times, thus keeping energy consumption as low as possible. Here are a few other benefits that come with a properly managed air conditioning maintenance program:

  • The buildup of dirt is a problem for air conditioners. A maintenance check replaces filters and ensures vents are kept clean. This practice keeps out allergens and puts a strong emphasis on hygiene.
  • Mechanical and fluid issues are both accounted for by an effective inspection routine. Refrigerant fluid can leak and mechanical parts can corrode because of condensation. The maintenance check looks for these system irregularities and corrects them.
  • Maintenance checks correct the not so obvious problems. Even if the vents are issuing a normal amount of climate-controlled air, the fan or condenser coil may be struggling, causing an energy drain that will only be noticed when a costly bill arrives in the mail.
  • If it helps at all, picture a regular maintenance call as an annual or monthly visit to the doctor. Everyone, healthy or not, visits a doctor to get an annual check-up and avoid medical problems before they become serious. An air conditioning maintenance check is exactly the same. The system is hidden away outside or in a closet. It's a mysterious metal monolith that seems to be keeping rooms cool, but do you really know if it’s functioning properly? Don't be surprised by a sudden hike in a utility statement when it's possible to keep the air conditioning gear working efficiently with a short inspection. Many of the maintenance programs we're talking about are only carried out once every six months or annually, meaning very little disruption is ever caused to the occupant.

Finally, just as with our medical check-up example, when an air conditioner is regularly maintained, the engineer is actually extending the natural lifespan of the equipment, a practice that's undeniably beneficial as a cost-saving strategy.

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