May 12, 2015

The Importance of a Proper Air Conditioning System for Commercial Businesses

A commercial business represents the bridge between casual home environments and formal offices. One side of the area is productive and hard-working while the customer side is focused on keeping visitors comfortable. It's a two-step dynamic, an internal space that has to satisfy several environmental demands. For example, customers want to come inside and escape the beating rays of the sun. Meanwhile, employees that are stuck all day within the establishment are also in need of comfort, though management would view workforce comfort with a more mercenary eye, a view toward maximizing productivity. After all, nothing kills the working spirit faster than sweat-inducing heat.

The installation and management of a superior air conditioning system in this instance will draw customers into the commercial realm and encourage the shopping gene to buy products. On the other hand, the same air is flowing around the employees and engendering a strong work ethic, at least until lunch arrives. Even if there are no customers coming through the door, if the commercial property in question is a warehouse where the public don't visit, then worker comfort is still aided by the cool air. Additionally, if this is a dangerous working environment, one where heavy loads are being moved or stored, then heat is an unwelcome caller. We're talking about human nature here, the ability to work and focus within a harmonious environment. If we remove cooling, the heat will rise and accidents will happen as that focus is lost.

The next element to consider when considering adding an air conditioning system to a commercial business is the actual quality of the air being processed by the AC gear. Humidity is dramatically reduced by employing an air conditioning system. The equipment removes heat and moisture from the environment, thus keeping the working space safe and work-friendly. We all know how humidity can make air feel heavy and wet, which affects the most determined energy levels. On a more practical note, drops of moisture make work surfaces slippery and subsequently increase the potential for slippage-related accidents.

As we've removed the heat from the air and taken the same approach with humidity, work productivity should be no problem at this point. The warehouse workers are happy and healthy. Customers are leaving the street to claim their rights as active shoppers, buying product and striking up friendly chats. Everything is acceptable and the air conditioning is functioning as it's designed to, but workers are still complaining. Air conditioning installations do have to accept a portion of responsibility for this scenario because they push all kinds of particles into the building. Fortunately, an AC system is designed to eliminate this possibility by fitting high-quality filters in the ductwork. HEPA-quality filtration is installed in many commercial businesses to offset allergens and keep invisible floating matter firmly outside.

A productive commercial-grade air conditioning system issues a cool stream of air that generates a safe and productive space to work and shop within. It's also carefully monitored to ensure humidity is controlled and allergen-causing airborne pollutants are blocked.

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