March 19, 2015

Types of Air Conditioning System

Nothing beats the summer heat better than a good air conditioning system. It cools the body much faster than any ice cream or cold beverage could on a sweltering day. Air conditioning makes homes more suitable for living, office spaces more fitting for work, businesses more appealing to customers, and schools more conducive for learning, among many other things. Subcoolair is a trusted provider of a wide range of air conditioning systems and gives you the leverage to choose one which addresses your needs and location.

Below is a list of the different types of air conditioning systems, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Window unit

This is an installation-type air conditioning system which is fitted into open windows, window sills, or allotted slots made on the walls. You will commonly find these in single rooms, since they only provide cool air within a limited range. However, several of them can be spread throughout a larger space for better air conditioning.

2. Wall-split air conditioning

While multiple window air conditioners may be used to cool large rooms, a wall-split air conditioner may be better. It is also ideal for cooling more than two rooms at once, which is why you will usually find them in hotels. They are sometimes called packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) systems and include two separate units – an evaporator on the interior, and a condenser on the exterior – connected by a wall opening.

Due to its structure, the temperature of each room with a PTAC system may be controlled independently. It is also more cost-efficient than installing a window unit for every room. Another advantage of wall-split air conditioning is that it can be adapted to provide heat during cold weather as well.

3. Mini-split system

It is a ductless air conditioner that provides cool air to one or more rooms in a building. Similar to PTACs, they can be transformed into heaters during cold climates. Mini-split systems come in small sizes and thus require minimal wall space for the setup installation. Unfortunately, despite their flexibility, efficiency, and space-saving qualities, these types of air conditioning system are more expensive than window units and central-type air conditioners.

4. Central air conditioning

It is a ducted air conditioner often found in large homes and commercial spaces such as hotels, theatres, gyms, and malls. It allows you to control the temperature of different rooms simultaneously. While central air conditioners tend to be larger and occupy more space than mini-split air conditioners, they will actually cost you less.

5. Portable units

Installation-type air conditioners can be expensive since they require building renovations. For those who wish to enjoy cool air without these additional costs, there are portable air conditioning systems available. Portable units are the most energy-efficient of them all, but you may find their cool air unsatisfactory. They are not as reliable as installation-type systems when it comes to cool air conditioning.

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