October 20, 2014

Why air purification is essential to your health

Did you know that most people spend approximately 90% of their time inside either at home or the office, thus clean air is vital. It has been shown that air quality indoors is up to 5 times more polluted than outside. For a healthy living we need clean air as it helps our bodies to function properly.

It is recommended that all homes and offices be well ventilated and free of pollution. When we are constantly breathing in polluted air we might start to suffer from breathing problems as it could cause tightness in the chest, irritations in the eyes, irritation in the throat, congestion and many other health problems. These could also eventually become so bad that one would have to take medication. Thus in order to live one’s life as full as possible clean air is important.

Clean air keeps you healthy!

Allergic reactions as well as respiratory conditions are caused by particles in the air we breathe in daily such as pollen, tobacco smoke and dust mites. These health issues can cause people to stay away from work due to a respiratory diseases in addition the number of people suffering from allergies is on the rise yearly. Common household products can also release harmful chemicals into the air you breath daily irritating the throat, nose, lungs and even the eyes. Living in a hustling and bustling city exposes us to even more pollution and along with this pollution comes bigger health concerns such as viral infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. Our children are affected by this pollution to such an extent that one out of ten school kids suffer from asthma.

Breathe safe clear air with air purification!

If you use the correct air purifier it will take all the harmful chemicals, mould spores, dust mites and other dangerous substances out of the air you and your family takes in daily. In today’s technological advanced era we live in, people have become more and more health conscience, thus resulting in healthy diets and regular exercise but most are forgetting about the importance of clean air. We have become energy efficient by creating spaces for living that are air tight but at the same time causing a negative impact on the air we breathe, for when air is restricted the quality deteriorates quite quickly.

Cleaning your home does not clean the air!

We can clean the carpets, curtains, bedding, chairs and all other surfaces but there will always be some source of pollution hiding in a hard to reach place therefore still polluting the air we breathe. Polluted air can disrupt one’s sleep and cause insufficient rest so we wake up tired and irritable. Clean air aids our bodies and we feel fresh and rejuvenated in addition to being healthier.

Purifiers can clean the air you breathe up to 99 % giving you all the fresh revitalising air for a healthy life. For air purification at its best contact Sub Cooler Air to assist you with installations of purchased systems or new systems for your home or office.

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