April 30, 2015

What Air Conditioning Unit is Best for Restaurants?

Catering work represents one of those rare instances where a cool interior isn't enough to satisfy environmental concerns. Raw food is being prepared and cooked for a patient clientele as they're seated for the evening meal. Industrial counter tops made of polished steel are being piled high with meat and produce, and then sent to the preparation stage before being dispatched to sizzling frying pans and the searing heat of ovens. Hygiene laws demand that the staff in any one of these restaurants wears a hair net and plastic gloves when handling these perishable items, so it just makes sense that the air flowing in this space must meet similar levels of purity.

Ensuring an air conditioning system is the right fit for a restaurant means opting for the power of a commercial-grade system, the installation of gear that has the capacity to cool walk-in freezers, kitchen areas, and dining rooms. Thus, a multi-zone profile with several thermostats is the appropriate solution. But, as mentioned above, multi-room cooling is only part of the answer. For example, add odour mediation to the list. Every hungry customer wants to smell cooking bacon and garlic-infused scents waft from the kitchen, but no one wishes to have their appetite spoiled by the smell of ripe trash. Keep this scent out by fitting specialized filters that banish floating particulate matter. This filtering agent works both ways, keeping dirt and outside matter from the kitchen and bad smells away from the dining room.

It's easy to advocate the installation of such a solution, but we'd be remiss in not going deeper. A professional air conditioning installer will evaluate each restaurant on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this approach is to save energy and judge whether a system of packaged ducts or a split system is right for the project. The eventual finished installation will then influence whether an outdoor cabinet is required or a rooftop unit. These decisions are critical in saving energy, ensuring hygiene legislature is met, and in even keeping noise low so that customers can focus on their meal and polite conversation.

Let's round off the restaurant case study by summarizing this environment. A tight profit margin keeps many owners on their toes, so energy efficiency is an essential factor. Space is also important here, another factor that could act as the final decider when selecting your commercial air conditioning system. Finally, wrap these features around a core of hygiene and multitasking, and top this tidy package with precision monitoring, a series of digital thermostats that can regulate the temperature to within a split degree.

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