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June 2, 2015

Air Conditioning System and Why it Becomes a Necessity Versus Climate Change?

The temperature is rising and threatening to blow out our thermometers. Meanwhile, climate change experts are swapping barbed comments with skeptics as the rest of us rush to protect our homes with the best cooling solutions we can think of at that moment. Yes, it's true that the climate is changing, though the majority of us aren't qualified to offer an opinion on how long this change will last. All we know for sure is that the heat is unbearable and a plain household fan, that most familiar of cooling appliances, is no longer enough to keep the home or office comfortable.

In days of old, we'd open a few windows to cool the office. Work productivity would return to normal, the family home would sleep comfortably, and you could enjoy going down to the local shops with a bounce in your step. The story right now is very different. We don't intend to project any alarmist thoughts here, only the reality of the situation. If you and your property wish to remain cool and chilly when the outside world is sweltering, the only practical solution is to employ an air conditioning system. Thankfully, these items are no longer solely for the rich. In fact, air conditioning systems are more affordable than ever, and, thanks to new technology, very cost-effective to run.

Add the power of a refrigeration-based mechanism to the fans that pull air into your hot rooms. Remember, the climate records in New South Wales were shattered in 2014, with temperatures soaring to 44.9C and higher in some regions. These kind of figures go beyond hot, reaching toward danger levels that have the potential to overload the human body and induce a heatstroke. Now, while we all wish a fan or water reservoir-backed fan could shield our loved ones from this searing heat, we know that real life appliances can't cope with these temperature for long. The air conditioning answer is one of empowerment, of moving from passively battling against intense heat to a dynamic course of action where you install a powerful line of defense, one that's guaranteed to funnel cool air into every room.

If you already have air conditioning installed, have it inspected and cleaned to maximize output. Have your vents and ducts cleaned, your filters replaced when the pollen season arrives, and feel the benefits of lower utility bills when heatwaves strike. If you've relied on electric fans up until now and have grown tired of blowing hot air around, you need to consider purchasing an air conditioning system because, long-term or not, climate change is here. Don't be a victim of the spring and summer heat by thinking air conditioning is for your wealthy neighbour, not when affordable solutions are available. Finally, opt for a system capacity that fits your property, perhaps a window casement air conditioner, but do consider a professionally installed split air conditioner or a packaged system because the climate change, at least for the foreseeable future, may be here to stay.

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